In Memory

Aaron Lockwood

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06/08/08 09:55 PM #5    

Brandi Walker (Edwards)

This may seem rediculous, but my favorite memories of Aaron were on the bus to school with Brown, Zurcher, Gwaltney and the list goes on. He had one great smile. :)

06/10/08 04:04 PM #6    

Justin Gwaltney

Aaron was the first person I met when my family moved to Roseburg. Even though we had our rough times, he always seemed to forgive and forget. My favorite memory of him was not only the bus rides that Brandi mentioned, but also when we named the creek by our house. I will never forget him or his family. He is truly missed.

06/10/08 08:34 PM #7    

Tiffany Brown

I totally forgot about the creek! I am pretty sure Aaron keyed something into the guard rail..."Tiff has a nice ass" ...or something like that...wish that were still true. haha.

06/11/08 05:08 PM #8    

Justin Gwaltney

yes, i would imagine there were some pretty "creative" things inscribed on the guard rail. "Peace Creek" LOL the good old days. hard to believe.....

06/17/08 04:34 PM #9    

Tim Sustaire

Thanks to all of you who still remember.........My best memories were the Summer after Aaron died and you all came over and "hung out" with me. Thank you so much, it really made a difference. Vicki (stop by the house if you are in town) 673-3118
P.S. As you can see Tim didn't write this, just wanted to say hi and thank you

06/17/08 09:16 PM #10    

Misty Duey

To my friend Aaron -

It's been a awhile since I have spoke to you..... I still miss you, and think about you and Alli both more often than I know how to deal with. Your death made me grow in ways I can't explain to anyone. To realize the importance of certian things in life at such a young age, helped to shape who I am today.

I still miss you walking around the corner with that carefree strut of yours. I could have deffinatley used a few of your "all powerful bear hugs" in the last 11 years. lol!

Please give Allison my love and know that you both live bright in my mind and my heart.

Love Misty

06/18/08 01:50 PM #11    

Melanie Morris (Morris)

He was ALWAYS smiling! And who can forget him sportin the fishermens vest! Only he could pull something like that off. :)

06/24/08 06:49 PM #12    

Katie Seitz (Krametbauer)

I used to work with Aaron at Roseburg Country Club and my favorite memories were how we used to steal glow-in-the dark balls so we could play night golf and try to throw each other out of golf carts while driving.

He will always be in my heart and in my prayers.

07/25/08 11:57 AM #13    

Mandy Booze (Rios)

i remember going to gradeschool with aaron and i always had a crush on the blonde hair, blue eyes and that cute little dimple that showed up at the corner of his cheek. what a wonderful guy always had a smile on no matter what . aaron you will be miss terribly by me and by all of us who you knew.

04/05/09 04:29 PM #14    

Eric Ruble

Aaron was a good guy. Aaron helped me in school when i struggled and wanted to quit and join the circus( that's what he said I would do if i left) He was a good friend in school. I thank him for that. Sorry to see him go so soon. I know it was hard on everybody in school when it happened because he was well liked.

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