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05/27/08 11:31 PM #6    

Scott Frasnelly

Impressive website. Fun stuff! So does the school put on the 10 year reunion? I think my sisters was at Cow Creek Casino and it sounded like fun!

05/28/08 08:23 AM #7    


Sheri McCallister (Brady)

Hey Scott, thanks for the compliment on the site! Unfortunately the school is not putting on the reunion, it's pretty much up to us! We are still looking for people to help with the planning, so if your interested send me a message! My hope is to have a variety of different people on the planning committee so that we get a good representation for our class. :)

05/28/08 11:29 PM #8    

Levi Melendez (Chartreuse)

I'm not a good representation for our class, but I'm around so I could definitely help out.
A guy I golf with said he knows you well. I don't know his name, so don't give him any messages for me. That would be awkward.

05/28/08 11:58 PM #9    


Sheri McCallister (Brady)

Hey Levi, we could definitely use your help! I'm looking for some outgoing sports-minded guys to maybe organize some kind of something fun for the family picnic that will be on the Sunday of our reunion weekend. So, if you have any cool ideas for a fun something, let me know!

05/29/08 06:18 AM #10    

Samantha Birenbaum

I don't know how much help I can be out here, but if there is anything I can do from a distance I would love to help. Just let me know if anything comes up.


05/30/08 05:40 AM #11    

Justin Gwaltney

Its really great to see everyone after all these years. I wish I could be there for the reunion, but I'm sure there are lots of pictures to come. To those classmates who are serving in the military, I just want to say thanks for your service. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day.

06/01/08 09:23 AM #12    

Jolyn Campbell (Iboy)

There are so many in our class serving in the military that I just want to kind of echo what Justin said to you. I pray everyday for your safety and there's not a day that goes by where I don't think about our fallen heroes. I love this country and I owe it all to the brave and courageous men and women who serve in our military to protect us. Thank you for your sacrifice and long suffering and I totally realize this is a free land because of you and God bless you in all you do.

06/01/08 11:07 AM #13    

Shawna Sigfridson (Neves-Weiser)

Just a thought...what about posting an ad in the paper? I know there a lot of people living in Roseburg who have not sign in. If there was a ad in the paper with the web site maybe more people would log on.
Also, I am very arty, crafty, like to decorate (set-up); if you need help in any of these area's let me know.

06/02/08 10:05 AM #14    

Brook Wilkey

Hey there, everyone. I am so glad this is happening. I will not be able to make it to the "big one" at the country club, but I will be at the picnic. Shall we make it a potluck? I think that would be fun.

06/03/08 09:05 PM #15    

Garrett Hanna

Hey there I am willing to help out as much as i can. I am available for any Modeling work if needed.

06/08/08 01:06 PM #16    

Tyler Hess

will someone be live blogging these events?

06/12/08 12:21 PM #17    

Rich Chitwood

Only you Garret would be the first one to throw in something like you being a model for our reunion. I don't remember having nudes in art class

06/16/08 09:12 PM #18    

Sarah Washburn

Sheri, I won't be able to make the Friday night bowling but count me in on the Country Club dinner and Family picnic. I can do what ever is needed and I volunteer Russell: ) We will be coming into town Friday night so I will be available Saturday and Sunday early.

I just wanted to remind everyone to please send high school pictures to Sheri for the slide show. I'm having a hard time finding any myself but I know there has to be some out there.

Take care! See you all the weekend of August 16th!

06/17/08 06:58 AM #19    

Tiffany Brown

I have some good pics I just need to find a scanner so I can send them....

06/27/08 12:01 AM #20    

Josh Burnham

I second that! I think Garrett should model. He's is as hot as one of those hot and spicy hickory sticks from hickory farms. Besides modeling would be the only thing he'd really be good at.

06/27/08 12:17 AM #21    

Josh Burnham

I think I speak for the rest of us saying that Garrett ought to bring some of his famous homemade "crispy corn cluster critters" and maybe some of that "cold canadian cole slaw" he's always ranting and raving about.

06/29/08 02:08 PM #22    

Crystal Boisacq (Kolling)

It is great to see everyone so willing to chip in. I don't even know if I am going to be able to make the reunion yet because I have class that weekend. If I do, it will be Saturday night and I will be showing up just in time. Wish I could help more, but if there is anything I can do Sheri from afar, just let me know!

07/13/08 06:55 PM #23    

Desiree Hammett (Damewood)

I have posted the Reunion information and website on the Community Calendar at KPIC-Television, it should start running later this week. Please let me know if you need something, I plan events all the time - so I might be able to help you find different contacts that you need here in Roseburg. I will not be attending the reunion however, because I am getting married on August 16th. Thanks for taking this reunion on - it will be great!

07/22/08 09:01 PM #24    

Sarah Washburn

During the reunion we would like to remember those who have passed on. Sheri and I are looking to contact family members of the following people:

Danny Knott
Matt Links
Amanda Nickle and her daughter
Aaron Lockwood
Georgeanne Phillips

We are looking to gather memorabilia to display at the reunion dinner. If you have contact info for the people listed above or other classmates we may have missed please send them to Sheri or myself. Thanks.

Sarah Rubrecht (Washburn)

07/24/08 09:50 PM #25    

Liz Hall (Ramey)


This is Mrs. Hall. I think I may have lots of pictures some where in the Leadership store room. I also have a video that David Baxter made your senior year. I have a scrapbook from Leadership, which probably be sent to the Smithsonian, but I would love you to use it if you would like. I will look for the pictures next week. How do I get in touch with you for delivery?

Also, although I am not a member of your class, It was one of my favorites in twenty years. I would like to register an affirmative vote to have Garret Hannah model. I understand he has already done this for Jenny Craig ads!

07/29/08 09:11 PM #26    

Mandy Booze (Rios)

hey guys its been ALONG time since we have all been together,it will be great to see all of you again,i dont think we will be there for the dinner but the picinic for sure. let me know if i can do anything to help out .im usually home with the kids so just look up my number if you need me okie dokies.

c yall later mandy booze (rios)

08/04/08 02:51 PM #27    


Sheri McCallister (Brady)

Hi everyone! We need some sports-minded guys or girls to help head up some activities at the Family Picnic on Sunday! So, if you think you're interested send me a message! :) It's gonna be fun......

08/15/08 04:23 PM #28    

Garrett Hanna

I just want to dispell the rumor that i have done some Jenny Craig Modeling. However some have mistaken me for Kirstie Alley. I think I would be classified as a plus size model. I am however, still available.

06/01/10 11:31 PM #29    

Stephen Soper

Ok, I have but one question.  Was this site the only means of advertisement that was done?  I still live in the area and just now found this site.  I saw no mention of a class reunion ANYWHERE.  No posters, no flyers, no ad anywhere that I could find.  I even went as far as going to the high school to see if somebody, ANYBODY, could point me to a person that knew what was going on and THAT was even a dead end.  Here's a clue... If you are going to organize a reunion... LET THE SCHOOL KNOW WHOS RUNNING IT!!!  Doing that by itself would have gotten you more attendees.

01/24/11 11:00 PM #30    


Sheri McCallister (Brady)

Hi Stephen!  I just logged on to do a little site maintenance and noticed your post in the message forum.  As far as advertising for the reunion, we actually utilized all the venues we could think of.  There was an ad in the News Review, and also on the radio.  We also put the word out on the different social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace,, and even through the alumni link through Roseburg High School website, as well as word of mouth and a few other websites too if memory serves correct.  And I'm surprised that RHS couldn't point you in the right direction to who was planning because they had my contact info.  We actually did a tour of the high school the reunion weekend and they set us up with the tour guide for that, in addition to helping us get ahold of some memorabilia from our class.  My only guess is that you were looking in all the wrong places and at the wrong time.  I'm sorry to hear you missed the reunion, hopefully you will be able to make it to the next one--no date planned yet, but you can be sure you will be informed now since you have a profile here! : )

Sheri Brady
Website Administrator/Reunion Chair

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