20 Year Reunion

Hi all!
I know it seems like it should be forever away, but it's time to start thinking about the class of 1998's 20 year reunion. Our first meeting is set for February 19th in Roseburg. If you would like to addend, please message me and I'll get you the time and location. If you want to help and you live far away, we have a group that will be working on tracking down classmates. Again, contact me and I will put you in touch with the person heading that up.
So, your mission is to add as many classmates as you can to the class Facebook group and to our class website http://www.roseburghigh98.com so that as many people as possible can keep up with the happenings. If you haven't updated your info on the website in a while, please make sure you do. If you forgot your password or email, let me know and I can reset it. 
We are aiming to have dates confirmed for the reunion by April to allow anyone needing to make work arrangements, plane tickets, etc. ample time. Looking forward to 2018!! GO ROSEBURG INDIANS!!!!

Abbie (Abel) McClain